The European project TRAILS – Theatre fosTeRing Adults’ skills and IncLuSion has started!

The first step was a six-day training (26/04/2023 to 1/05/2023) at the partner Values, Virtus, Integrity Foundation in Sofia (Bulgaria).
Three participants from each organisation met to share the methodologies used in their daily work related to working with adults at risk of marginalisation.

The partner Smascherati! from Italy presented the work resulting from 30 years of work with people from all over the world and with different life experiences. The proposed methodology is realised in the intercultural theatre workshop Human Beings, where students, workers, second-generation young people, asylum seekers, migrants, and retired adults meet to tell their stories and narrate the world around them through theatre and body work.

The Bulgarian partner, on the other hand, shared the Playback Theatre method, in which the spectator is an active participant in the scene, providing the actors with his or her own story. They also worked on Shadow Theatre.

Finally, the Irish partner Smashing Times, which has anti-racism and gender inclusion issues at its core, worked on the theme of prejudice through a series of games.

In short, an interesting and full week, which you will soon be able to read about in detail in the first Theatre Trails Notebook!

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